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Leading GATE/IES Coaching Centre in Chennai

Every Engineer dreams for a career which helps him to apply his core skills. The career growth comes either in the form of higher studies or suitable placement in Engineering Industry. GATE helps an Engineer to achieve both.

In Tamil Nadu, Chennai is the hub where aspirants find the institutes for all sorts of coaching. When an aspirant searches for GATE coaching in Chennai either for online coaching or GATE Coaching Centres in Chennai for classroom coaching, he is provided with more options. The list of Best Coaching Centres in Chennai ,as provided by the search engines throws him a challenge to identify which is really the best among.

The charm of an employment with Central Government and the awareness about the “Technical IAS “Job, i.e. “IES” made the aspirants to consider,Engineering Services Examinations (ESE) as one of the important option . But IES Coaching in Chennai is not taken by many of the institutes which are involved in Gate Coaching.

    The challenge of identifying the best from the list of Gate Coaching Centres in Chennai and IES coaching Centres in Chennai can be easily met with the following parameters.
  • Infrastructure – To learn anything, the ambience should be comfortable. The set up should ensure the purpose for which it is made.
    • (a)In addition to class rooms, “Study Hall” is an important factor which many of the Gate Coaching Centres in Chennai or IES Coaching Centres in Chennai misses out. This study hall helps a student to sit and revise his portions after class room coaching. This will help to get his doubts cleared from the faculties even after class hours.
    • (b) “Group Discussion Hall” – Any recruitment through GATE / IES requires lot of skills. Interaction is one important skill which every organisation expects from an aspirant. The provision for conducting the Group Discussion apart from class room coaching adds the probability of attaining success.
  • Teaching Team – Any tutor who knows the subject well will explain it well. The important qualification requirement of a tutor in the coaching centres is his ability to guide aspirants on exam point of view. The guidance on method of preparation, Segregating topics based on weightage, moral boosting and tips to crack particular exam(either GATE / IES) differentiates a tutor from a normal faculty and makes the centre the best one.
  • Reliability - Verify how far the marketing office and class rooms are placed. As many of the Gate Coaching Centres in Chennai conducts classes on colleges, if any assurances given during the time of counselling were not met out during the class room coaching, the aspirant finds it difficult to get it resolved instantly.

We, the Sputnik Engineering Academy meet the above requirements and ensure our place in Top Gate Coaching Centres in Chennai as well as centre for offering best IES coaching in Chennai.

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