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CONFIDENCE - Need of the hour

 Does the hot potato, closure of Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu, demand for a revisit of policy for professional stream?

Instead, the colleges which are in the verge of closure should introspect for their least share in producing successful professionals. Its eminent that the insecure feel of the out comers made this happening frequently.

Earlier, spotting an admission in the technical schools was considered as super ambitious. Wonder whether the sharp rise in outcomes per year or the depletion in the demand changed the scenario?

A fresher, well backed by his academic excellence and institutional brand, spends no time to build his track. This scaffolds for stress free ambience and positive progressing for him.

Imagine the fate of a technical graduate with no charm record or from a low profile institute. He will succumb to the battle of survival and admits to any assignment at the drop of a hat.

Situation in the past years built more fans for Robert Frost’s iambic tetrameter, ”The Road Not Taken”. The prestigious degree was treated as an option should have been avoided.

To change this feel under weather situation for the moderate out comers, it’s the responsibility of the colleges to exactly nail on the head.

The second chance, with promising future for studies, as well as for employment is very well available for the younger generation.  An effort to look upon the prospects of GATE unveils the best of both worlds. As this is a trial after a setback ,this will ensure framing of Corrective and Preventive Actions required to reach the goal.

GATE opens the doors of IITs for further studies and those of PSUs for Jobs. Life gets redefined.

Another hidden treasure for those who missed the bus, is taking up Engineering Services Examinations. The resultant pride, honour, challenge of this exam transforms an Engineer to an IES officer. This UPSC organized Exams identifies Civil Servants exclusively for Technical Administration requirements. Considered to be the challenging exams for Engineers, this resembles the pattern of UPSC Civil Service Examinations with Preliminaries, Mains and an Interview.

At an average 500 Vacancies are getting filled every year, covering Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics & Instrumentation disciplines.

Its high time for colleges to throw light on this avenue to their pals on board. This will revamp the glory of the course and fame of the institution as well.