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Is it mandatory to have preparation for Mains before taking up Prelims exams?

Yes. Major portion of syllabus are common for both Mains and Prelims. Time is the essence for cracking Mains. Covering Mains portion well in advance will raise the confidence level of an aspirant and the short duration after Prelims before Mains shall be effectively used for revision.

How frequent the students' performance evaluated ? What is the methodology?

What sort of faculties the academy provide?

Faculties of concerned discipline from reputed institutes will be conducting classes. Officers who have cracked ESE exams will address special sessions. Senior officers from Central/State/Private utilities who are in real time operation of the topics covered in the curriculam will conduct VIP sessions for better understanding of the subjects by the students.

IAS officers will conduct motivation and self boosting classes.

What is the benefit of taking sandwitch course of IES and GATE exams?

The technical syllabus for both the exams are same. In addition IES has conventional paper. As the preparation will be on higher education perspective and on job perspective as well, the sandwitch course helps to take up PSU examsin between as real time model tests.

Is disicipline important ?

Education is for betterment of our professional career. Whereas, discipline is part of our living. The Academy reiterates , a well honoured discipline, will complete half of the task of achieving success. Safety and stress free atmosphere will be ensured.

How to clear the exam in First attempt itself?

Team work works. We the academy commit to make our students to taste the fruit of success in the first attempt itself. In turn, the utmost adherence of the instructions of the Academy by the students will light the path of success.

Is there any difference in fees charged for the Regular and Weekend Batches ?

As the number of hours per week is same, the fee charged for Regular and Weekend Batches remains same.

What is the fees payment schedule ?

Rs.10000 can be remitted to block a seat and batch and balance amount before commencement of the classes shall be paid.

What does the additional facility the Academy provide?

In addition to Reading material, Reading room is provided for the usage of students on all 7 days during working hours.

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